Louisiana Flooding: What Can You Do?

Kaylee Tate
What’s the Problem?
Early on August 12 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, rainfall earnestly began to fall. With 40,000 homes that have suffered, things seem to keep taking a turn for the worse, in some places more than others. For example, in parts of Livingston in about fifteen hours more than thirty-one inches of rain had fallen, resulting in thousands of people being evacuated from their homes.
This massive flooding has not only flooded homes but also schools requiring transportation to be by boat. Usually houses with higher elevation are safe but in this instance many were tremendously flooded. Since Louisiana is very flat it makes the floodwaters even harder to subside.
This most recent flood that has hit Louisiana, has been the worst since Hurricane Sandy struck New York and New Jersey in 2012. The death toll of this massive flooding has risen to 13 with now eight thousand people in local shelters. The Louisiana Red Cross is still in need of donations for over seven thousand people in need. This tragedy calls for action for people all around the nation to help people in Louisiana.
What Can We Do?
In our Pasadena community it is important for us to notice this issue and work towards helping those in need. We can help by possibly starting a donation drive sending food, clothes, personal hygiene products and school supplies. Many kids cannot attend school because of the flooding and are especially in need of support. Donating shoes and socks can also be helpful as well as possibly giving blood to the local Red Cross to support the victims.
We as a Maranatha community are called upon to do charitable work. For example, starting a fundraising program to try and help those who maybe have lost their homes and require money to rebuild and survive for the coming months. Prayer for the families and letters of encouragement can also be very helpful and helps uplift the spirits of those affected by this tragedy. For other ways to donate visit here:

The AP Studio Art Summer Challenge

Evelyn Thoen

This past summer, the students currently in AP Studio Art had a challenge to complete. As assigned by Ms. Barnhart, each student completed 21 sketches, or semi-finished pieces, in response to prompts that she created. These prompts ranged from just one word to references to poems or biblical stories. The students had to address each prompt by spending between 30-90 minutes creating an art piece, and were encouraged to use a variety of approaches and artistic mediums.
The twist was that each piece had to contain a self-portrait, or an aspect of each student, and use the full spread of two pages in their sketchbooks. This challenge is also helpful for the long term; during the school year there are several homework assignments where students will revisit one of their sketches and make a final piece based on it.
As I am in AP Art again this year, I personally can say it was a challenge. At times, it was difficult  to think of ideas for art sketches that fulfilled the prompts. However, I enjoyed the project as it helped me think creatively and prepare for this year.
My featured piece is actually two parts, “The Unveiling” and “Exposed.” These two prompts were meant to play off of each other. I had the idea first of a person with something in front of their face, then in the next piece it would be revealed that they actually had an animal head. Then I thought of a theatre, how the actors are revealed when the curtain is pulled back. So I meshed the two ideas together – these children with animal heads, being shown on a stage.
                                                                            “Renewal” by Skylar Ding ‘18
“The Unveiling” by Evelyn Thoen ‘17  
 “Exposed” by Evelyn Thoen ‘17