Spring Showcase – The Inside View

By Sierra Bancroft – Stage Manager

Day 1 (Monday):
I have one word to explain today’s rehearsal: long. Today was the first day that the backstage tech crew was on the job, which consisted of sitting in the audience taking notes. Being the student stage manager I especially had to take note of every little thing and be incredibly observant. It also required loads of patience due to the stops in between numbers to iron out the details. It’s safe to say that I came home incredibly tired and exhausted once the 9 pm rehearsal was finished.
Day 2 (Tuesday):
Today went increasingly better than Monday! The tech crew and I assigned jobs and made sure everything ran smoothly. With only a few mistakes, this show is shaping up to be incredibly amazing! Crazy to think that we only have two more rehearsals until opening night!!
IMG_0288Day 3 (Wednesday):
For today’s rehearsal, I was quite a bit late because I had my church’s praise band practice in Burbank, but the other crew members expertly carried on and from what I heard did an amazing job! This rehearsal we ironed out all of the quick changes that we needed to help with and got everyone onto the stage that needed to be there! From the tech perspective, we are doing a great job and the rest of the show is coming together as well.
Day 4 (Thursday):
Today was a bit different because we had the Performing Arts chapel where we previewed some of our dances to the entire school! Everyone was super excited as well as incredibly responsive. On the crew side, it was incredibly easy, just helping where we could. On the other hand, tonight’s rehearsal was quite tiring but very productive and we are definitely getting the hang of the show!
Day 5 (Friday):
Wow! It’s opening night!! Tonight came faster than I had expected but I know for sure that we’re ready for whatever tonight throws us! I know on my part there were a few cues from the curtain that I messed up but all that means is it’s a note for tomorrow’s IMG_0300final show! The show itself was incredibly great and the energy from the crowd kept everyone going and keeping their energy high! One show to go!!
Day 6 (Saturday):
It’s the last show of all of the seniors’ high school careers! Tonight was definitely very emotional for all involved. There were many numbers where dancers came backstage from doing a dance incredibly well in tears because they are going to miss it. Because this was a majority of the team’s last show, they pushed themselves to give the best show possible. Everything went correctly on the technical side! Tonight was also the Senior Tribute which was such a fun thing to be a part of, watching what all the seniors had done in our four years! After it all was over and many tears had been shed, we took everything down and packed it away. We then IMG_0304went our separate ways, but some of us went to
IHOP! Although my night ended with my
car being locked in the lower parking
lot with no security guards to be found, this show was amazing. My only regret is that I have found a love for stage managing later in my high school career that I have come to feel very passionate about. Overall, this experience is one for the books

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