Marcus Luttrell Tells His Gripping Account of One of The Most Dangerous Reconnaissance Missions in History in His Book Lone Survivor

By Lance Lorca and Aram Winter

      As a #1 National Bestseller, Lone Survivor is a true account that vividly tells the intense story of Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell. The story revolves around the failed Operation Redwings and the soldiers that fought to their last breath.unnamed
     The book starts off by telling the audience how Navy Seals are made. With hundreds of prospects attempting the Navy Seal program, also known as Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training, less than 10% of applicants finish the program. From instructors yelling at you on the burning sand of Coronado to instructors shooting dummy ammunition around you during extreme physically demanding exercises, Luttrell fully describes what it takes to become a true warrior. He also tells about his experience during Hell Week, where prospects only sleep less than four hours the whole week and go through long mile runs and endless hours of swims.
       After the introduction of becoming a Navy Seal, Luttrell tells the tale of Operation Redwings. It was a failed recon mission that caused a small team consisting of Luttrell and three other Seals to fight off hundreds of Taliban soldiers. The team was compromised after local shepherds revealed their location to the Taliban. Though Luttrell was the only survivor through hours of grueling combat, he was wounded and crawled for miles to a small village, where locals saved him from the searching Taliban soldiers.
       This book was truly a thrilling read that analyzed the flawed system of the rules of engagement and told how faith can save a person. Luttrell criticized how having rules to engage a potential enemy causes, even more, trouble and risk. If the Seals only did something to restrain or engage the potential threat, many lives could have been saved. Other than that, Luttrell spoke a lot about how someone was watching over him. He survived gunshots and RPG fire and was lucky to be rescued and housed by a local village. To this day, he thanks God that he is alive and uses the opportunity God gave him to tell the story of the unsung heroes that protect this country.

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