Maranatha Baseball

By Leland Oliver and Evan Chang

This past Saturday was a playoff rematch between Maranatha High School and Tahquitz High School. Last year, Tahquitz eliminated the Minutemen in the first round. With most of the squad returning, with the exception of a few seniors who graduated, the players still feel the burn of their season coming to an end. The game took place at Tahquitz High School and despite a two-hour drive, Maranatha came to play. Tahquitz scored first with a two-RBI double in the 2nd inning. Eddie Lopez answered back for the Minutemen in the 4th inning with a RBI single. The game was head to head with a pitching duel going on between Trevor Marrs and Jarod Butler of Tahquitz. The game went into extra innings, tied at 2. With one out, Ben Guess hit a double into the gap. Kalani Chang came in and finished the job, and the Minutemen won 4-2.


       This past weekend, Maranatha’s Varsity Baseball team took on 3 games, from Thursday to Saturday. As one of the team’s managers, I keep track of their stats every game and I believe that this season is going to be very successful for the Varsity Baseball team. Thursday night, they faced Valley Christian and ended the game early due to the mercy rule at 11-1. Friday’s game took place at Village Christian where the boys won 5-1 in the eighth inning after Eddie Lopez hit a double that drove in 3 runs. Saturday’s game was all the way out in Hemet against Tahquitz, where the boys brought back another win of 4-2. With the baseball season in full swing, I encourage you all to come support their games as this season should be a successful journey for the varsity boys, and their last season playing as high schoolers for the seniors and key players on the team.

       Writing from an inside perspective, the team is by far the most talented team Maranatha has ever had. This season is showing that, holding a current record of 10-2 as well as beating our league rival Village Christian. Not only is this the most talented team, it is also one of the closest I had ever been a part of. This team operates as a family unit and is almost inseparable. The spirit and life of the team are unmatched, which is a part of why we have been doing as well as we are. However, the season is far from over and we have long ways to go before playoffs. I do not doubt that this team can and will make a long playoff run as long as we continue to work together as a team and play to the best of our abilities.


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