Dylan Covey, an Up-and-Coming Baseball Star

By Andrew Webster and Kalani Chang

     Marantha alumni Dylan Covey has made the White Sox opening day roster as the fifth rotation spot. After a seven-year journey that included set backs such as diabetes, he is finally awaiting his major league debut. Coincidentally, he was originally picked one pick after former White Sox pitcher, Chris Sale and World Series champion Kris Bryant was his roommate in college at San Diego. According to www.usatoday.com, Kris Bryant said, “Oh, my God, I couldn’t be more happy for him.” With support and determination, Covey is more than prepared for the big leagues. According to www.chicagotribune.com, he felt a lot of weight off his shoulders. Since he was drafted this time around in the rule 5 draft, if he didn’t make the big league roster, he would have been sent back to Oakland Athletics. That meant if he wanted to be in the majors, he would have to get outs every time he pitched in Spring Training.

Dylan Covey is only the second alumni to make an MLB roster. He was an incredible player for all the years he played for Marantha, hitting 94 miles per hour. He is an inspiration to all the athletes at the high school. He didn’t let the obstacles that he faced get in his way, but remained focused on his dream and never stopped playing. Whether he becomes an MLB star or not, he will always have the support of the high school where his journey began. He is scheduled to make his major league debut against the Minnesota Twins on May 6th.


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