The Future…Dun Dun Dun Dun

By Sierra Bancroft

The daunting date is upon us, the day when all comes to a screeching halt and shines a light on 170 people of the senior class to honor them for all they’ve done within a four-year stretch: Graduation. As of May 4th, 2017 the senior class has 17 days left of our high school career. This is personally mind-boggling.

On May 2nd Maranatha provided chalk for all the seniors to decorate the academic quad with the logos and mascots of our chosen colleges. Walking out during break, it was super cool to see the pastel logos and signatures of the entire senior class. I found it especially interesting to see just how many different colleges were represented as well as how spread out the 2017 senior class is going to be in just a few short months.

While this is mega cool to see the upcoming milestones, it’s a little difficult for me to see as I’m sure there are many who can relate. My situation is this: the traditional four-year university experience turned out to be too expensive for my family. I had to make the difficult decision to go to PCC for a year after already committing to APU. I had to then go through the process of deferring for a year in the hopes of returning to APU in the fall of 2018.

I am almost positive that there are many in my graduating class who are being forced to do the same as I. In-the-moment, it was incredibly difficult and telling my parents this was also hard to do. But I’ve realized that through lots of crying (and I mean mega ugly crying) and talking with those who help me through my hardest moments, I’ve realized that God is truly at the forefront of all my future plans and that has brought me mega-peace. This is difficult to come to terms with because so often stepping into the unknown that is called college, we can’t be making our own plans because God surely will redirect us.

We are almost to the end of what we have thought and dreamed about and it’s scary. But God’s got this and that makes me excited for the future.

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