Rick Bragg Shows Readers True Southern Hospitality in His Recent Book My Southern Journey

By Lance Lorca and Aram Winter
Pulitzer Prize journalist Rick Bragg has just released a new book that focuses on the joys of the Southern Life. In his book My Southern Journey, he compiles a plethora of stories that highlight how great life is in the Southern States. From his home of Alabama to the countrysides and coasts, every chapter makes one appreciate life for what it is. It truly lets the reader enjoy the simple things in life.
Particular points in the book that Bragg focuses on are the outdoors, delicious home cooking, pride of college football and even his deeper faith. He writes each chapter picturesquely with vivid details. He tells his readers how to be able to tell stories and how stories should be hoarded and then spread out like a dinner table. Bragg holds and cherishes the past and uses experiences from the past to tell stories for the future generations. The past is not a record of events to him but act as a time machine to him. As he writes, he reminisces about various events such as the crackling skillets of bacon from a fresh hunt, cruising in a 69′ Camaro on a summer day in Alabama, cheering Roll Tide on Sunday afternoons, and going into the woods to chop down a pine tree to use as a Christmas tree.
I truly enjoyed this book as it makes you want to read while sitting on the back porch with a cup of sweet iced tea. It felt like having a one-on-one conversation with Bragg while reading his personal experiences of life in the South. This book is a truly unique read as it is not one large story, but a collection of small stories that revolve around what family life truly is in the South. I recommend this book to people who love reading biographies and to anyone who wants to appreciate the smaller things in life.

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