Highland Cafe Review


By Evan Chang, Marina Lacanilao, and Sydney Lim

Highland Cafe is located on York Boulevard in Highland Park. There are options for parking either on the street, or in a nearby parking lot. There is outside seating available, as well as seating indoors and a lounge area with a couch toward the back of the cafe. The art all over the walls and the music creates a fun, relaxed vibe, making this cafe a good place to do homework or grab a meal with your friends.



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I ordered the James Brown latte, which is a latte that has hints of brown sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla. The flavors in this coffee provide a sweet taste that reminds me of Christmas in a cup! If you’re craving a sweet latte that does not overpower the taste of coffee, the James Brown latte is the way to go.

For my meal I chose to get the bacon avocado burger. This burger consists of a half-pound burger patty with cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onions, and of course avocado. This is by far one of the best burgers I have had. It was cooked perfectly and put together in a way that made it something special. Along with the burger were fries, which I could not stop eating and soon found myself out of. They are seasoned very well and cooked so they are crispy yet soft at the same time. To drink I had a black cold brew. For me, I did not personally like this cold brew because it had a weird flavor and was not very strong. However, this was just the cold brew of the day and I would not hesitate to try another one on a different day. Overall, this little hole-in-the-wall cafe is one of the best I’ve been to and I will without a doubt be returning very soon.



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