By Kaylee Tate
Growing up I had no idea what it mean to love myself and how essential it was for my life and for my future well-being. Attending a predominately White and Asian school as a African-American girl did not help me to see my worth or beauty at all. I felt unrepresented, and felt as if no one could understand me. Kids teased me and asked insensitive questions about my race. To add to all this going into my eighth grade year of school I was the only African-American girl in my entire eighth grade and I found that none of the girls looked like me. I also found that out the hard way that a lot of the boys at my school did not find black girls attractive. As I began to high school I still struggled to see my worth but as I reached my junior year I came to realize with the help of family that I mattered! That my opinions, and my story mattered. People tend to think that if you love yourself that you’re arrogant and self absorbed. That is not the case at all! Here are three ways to love yourself more, and become more confident in your own skin!
Give yourself love
-Loving yourself simply means giving yourself credit where credit is due, being proud of your accomplishments and not focusing on the negative. The way that this can be done is by embracing the bad and praising the good that is inside of you. Also simply being kind to yourself, and not being so hard on yourself. You are human and humans make mistake just because you make mistakes does not make you less of the unique, beautiful person you truly are!
Stop the comparisons!
-Stop all comparison at all costs!! As hard as that may be, it is one of the only ways that can help you learn to accept and love the unique human being that you are! It can be hard seeing people on social media or around you that just seem to be getting everything they want. It appears like they get everything and everything goes their way, but someone will always be prettier, smarter, richer, etc. You as a human being are unique and beautiful; comparing yourself to others will only bring insecurities. Start to give thanks for the many blessings you have and you’ll be surprised at how much will come your way.
Give yourself affirmations
-One thing that personally helps me is writing little notes of encouragement on my mirror that say I’m strong, I’m kind, I’m human. Or also saying I can do this! Saying these things can help to improve your self esteem as well as help you believe all the things you like about yourself. Also, journaling to write down your feelings or writing down all the things you find cool about yourself that makes you uniquely you!IMG_5191
God made us all in his image, he did not make any accidents. God wants us to recognize our worth, and to share the love he gives us with others. Although it can be hard to love yourself in a society that profits off of our self-doubt, I think that it’s a challenge I am personally willing to take. Not only are we a work of art to God, but we are his children and he deeply cares and wants us to be happy. Being comfortable in your own skin and loving who you are will not only please God but also yourself!

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