San Gabriel Valley Visa Scam

By Sonali Lalwani

On Wednesday April 5th, 2017, it has been reported that FBI Investigators have raided homes and offices in San Gabriel Valley due to suspected visa scam. The scam involves Chinese immigrants seeking to come to America through the Immigrant Investor Program. In order to get this visa, one must invest at least $500,000 into new or struggling companies. The main people behind this scam, Victoria Chan, Tat Chan, and Fang Zeng, are multimillionaires who have been running this “business” for over a hundred families.


While these immigrants have been granted permanent residence in the United States, they have been scammed. Instead of actually investing the immigrant’s money, the Chans and Zengs have pocketed the cash. Making it look like the money was invested in business to create more jobs as intended by the specific visa, the scammers have taken advantage of a poorly-monitored system. Investigators have found over $15 million worth of property, businesses, and other assets of the Chans and Zengs. The FBI sent an undercover investigator who acted as an immigrant looking for a visa. He was charged $200 to meet Victoria Chan who then promised him he would receive $500,000 of his investment back after five years. As investigations continue, beware of all the scammers out there!


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