Maranatha Missions Trips

By Sonali Lalwani
New Orleans Missions Trip
This summer, from June 4th-10th, Maranatha students will get a chance to visit New Orleans and work on a variety of projects such as providing food, restoring homes, and participate in other types of service. Maranatha will be working with Camp Restore, which is an organization that has partnered with other schools and churches in order to serve others. Applications for this mission trip were due October 7, 2016. Therefore, if you have any question regarding the mission trip to New Orleans, students may contact Mrs. Harrison.
Looking back on the 2015 trip to New Orleans, 30 Maranatha students worked to serve by restoring homes to those who were affected by Hurricane Katrina. Moreover, students also made 500-700 meals a day as well as bonded with many children.
Dominican Republic Missions Trip
The Dominican Republic Missions trip will be taking place July 1-11, 2017. Maranatha students and faculty will help restore buildings, homes, and pray/care for those all around. Maranatha will be working with Mission Emmanuel and help several communities within the DR. The Dominican Mission team continues to pray for their journey, while getting together and figuring out ways to make this experience the best. With bonding events, and constant meetings, they hope to come closer to each other, God, and those who they’ll meet in Santo Domingo.
Armenia Missions Trip
Another trip coming up this summer is the missions trip to Armenia, taking place from June 14-29, 2017. Maranatha students and faculty will be restoring houses, helping at the orphanages, as well as other forms of mission work. With many bonding events and fundraisers, team Armenia is having a blast so far. I personally cannot wait to go to Armenia since I have never been before. All of my family has been to Armenia, and I also have a lot of family that also lives there. I’m super excited to experience the culture in Armenia, and be able to help the beautiful country.

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