Gorillas Humanz Review

By: Sam Ryan

After a 6 year hiatus, the Internet based music group the Gorillaz have released their 2017 album Humanz. The band is well known for their animation by Jamie Hewlett with elaborate stories following the fictional characters that make up the Gorillaz. Upon listening to the entire album there is a much more electronic and electropop feel to it. The album had some incredible features including Vince staples, De La Soul, Danny Brown, and Kali Ulchis. My favorite songs include Out of body, Let me out, Charger, Ascension, and Strobelite. Taking a critical stand point of the album, I feel like some tracks were very half-hearted and not the same high tempo punchy lyrics and sound that has made the Gorillaz so attractive to audiences. Andromeda had some of the worst visuals I’ve seen for a Gorillaz music video. Literally a planet moving and relating nothing to the fictional characters. The Saturnz Barz video was more up to the Gorillaz usual standard of animation with the mind stimulating graphics that make the songs take on an other worldly feel. I can’t wait for the music videos to come out for the rest of the album. Overall I love certain songs on this album but also think Damon Allbran was rushed into this album after doing his individual records. I still like it though.


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