By: Kaylee Tate

Located on Sunset and Vine in the heart of Hollywood, The Melt is a grilled cheese restaurant that has shakes, burgers, fries, and an assorted arrangement of grilled cheeses. Known mostly for their grilled cheeses you will be able to have whatever grilled cheese your heart desires. The Melt has your classic grilled cheese along with grilled cheeses with bacon, tomatoes, or even mac and cheese. Also, The Melt has different salads and assorted sugar-free sodas that are unique and taste great.

As The Melt is a regular place my dad and I enjoy eating at, I have nothing but great things to say about it. When you arrive at this restaurant the ambience is welcoming and cute signs of grilled cheeses and burgers frame the walls. I ordered the classic grilled cheese with French fries and a Caesar salad. The grilled cheese had an enormous amount of cheese which was an added bonus to the sandwich. The bread that I ordered also had a great seasonings rub on it which made the sandwich taste amazing. The fries I ordered with my sandwich tasted wonderful and the seasoning on the fries added up to some pretty tasty fries. I highly recommend this place to everyone! The Melt is a nice place you can stop by if you are in Hollywood and is great for a quick bite to  eat.


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