Swork Coffee Review

By Josh Hall and Nick Castello

Swork coffee is a well-known coffee shop that has been featured in many movies. Having one only a 10 minute drive from Maranatha makes it the perfect place for people to study or get a nice cup of Joe. Featuring Stumptown coffee, they take pride in the beans they use by going above and beyond to get top tier beans. Being open until 10 every night, it is also the perfect place to do some late night studying or write papers fueled with high-class caffeine. They provide free wifi which is also a major bonus for students doing research. Besides coffee, Swork also provides its customers with the chance to try their delectable gelato, smoothies and milkshakes. Even though I personally have only gone there for their coffee I bet their ice cream products are as high-class as their cold brew. The atmosphere of this shop is very welcoming and the baristas know how to pull their shots. I highly advise a quick trip for a good cup of coffee or a good place to sit down and get your studies done. Distractions however are everywhere, especially for a second semester senior trying to write a whole paper at the last minute. The workers are genuine as they ask about your day and spark up a friendly conversation. This is a great coffee shop and it never disappoints.

Hopefully one day soon you will see Mr. Big Nick Castello pulling shots behind the counter as he is pursing a job there.



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