Somi Somi Review

By Sonali Lalwani

In the mood for something fishy and sweet? Well then Somi Somi is the perfect treat that you are looking for. Located in the heart of Korea town, Somi Somi offers a unique alternative to fro-yo and soft serve ice-cream. Known for its famous homemade cones shaped like a fish, this fun way of eating ice-cream has drawn the attention of many customers from around Los Angeles. Some of the famous flavors that Somi Somi serves include green tea, true milk, banana, and milk tea. Each cone is filled with your choice of filling such as red bean, custard, and nutella, which is served in the fish’s tail!

Even though this new and unique way of eating ice-cream is so fun, each cone costs $5.95, while a cup of ice-cream costs $3.75.  Each ice-cream cone is called an “Ah-Boong,” stemming from Korea.  If you’re ever in Korea town, be sure to grab an “Ah-Boong” with the green tea flavor and add some toppings!

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