Senior Lock In

By Claire Swartzlander
Last Friday, March 24, the seniors had their very first lock-in. As the purpose of this event was to essentially bring the seniors together, that’s exactly what happened. The lock-in started at 6 pm and ended around 10 pm. The first hour consisted of people eating their In-N-Out that they ordered for only $5. After people were done eating, the seniors all made their way to the gym where they participated in multiple games.
We played games such as relay races and games where we were all tied together and had to attempt to make it across the gym. These games had us all laughing and brought us together. We also played a boys v. girls game of capture the flag and everyone was super into it. We ended the night with a zombie apocalypse game that had everyone running down the halls of the Academic Center screaming in fear of being tagged. All together, these games and events brought the senior class together and had us all laughing like a family. This was a much needed night before graduation!


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