LOST Review

By Evelyn Thoen


When an airplane crashes during a flight from Sydney to Los Angeles, the survivors quickly realize the island they’re stranded on is anything but normal.


This six-season tv show follows the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, who must learn to band together if they’re going to survive. The survivors land on a tropical island, the identity of which is unknown. After the initial crash, the survivors try to contact the outer world. Unfortunately, they soon realize this is futile, as the captain tells them they were already 1,000 miles off course before the plane crashed on the island. The plane’s black box, usually used to send out an SOS, is broken. This scenario provides the initial conflict, as half of the group wants to focus on getting rescued, while the others think they should move on and try to create a life on the island.


These group issues are compounded when the survivors encounter the hostile natives of the island, or as the survivors call them, the “Others.” As the show continues, the relationship between the so-called “Others” and the survivors of the plane crash is expanded.123545


Another aspect of the show that quickly becomes apparent is the supernatural nature of the island. Many mysterious events and unexplainable phenomena, such as finding a polar bear in the jungle, deepen the suspense and intrigue of the show.


One of the most unique features of the show is the flashbacks that occur. During each episode, there are flashbacks that show the backstory of each character, slowly revealing who they are, how they are connected to other characters, and what brought them to end up on flight 815. These flashbacks slowly develop each person, revealing new insight into their character and life story.


The characters are one of the strongest parts of the show. The survivors all have different lives before the crash, from a doctor named Jack, a mysterious girl named Kate, a couple from Korea, a drug addict rock star named Charlie, and a con man, Sawyer. The characters come from many different backgrounds, geographically, culturally, and in their upbringings.


This show is incredible for its ability to engage the viewer, combining amazing visuals with unforgettable characters and a fascinating plot. As the viewer only knows as much as the survivors, you are drawn into their new reality living on the island. This show is very engaging as you want to keep watching to find out more about the island, the people, and what will happen. While this show originally aired from 2004 to 2010, don’t be misled; LOST is relatable and each episode will leave you wanting to find out more.


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