D30: A Revolution In Protection

By Andrew Webster and Kalani Chang

D30 or “orange goo” is a substance that looks like silly putty, but is being used to protect the most important technology. It is also being used for protection in sports, particularly football, to prevent concussions. The substance is being used for these  types of things because of the impact it has when hit. According to dailymail.co.uk,the molecules of this “non- Newtonian polymer” lock together, immediately dissipating the force of a blow. Obviously, this makes the product very ideal. When touched it is soft, but when hit hard it protects whatever it is wrapped around. With sports such as baseball and football where a person can get hit at any moment, this material will become essential and hopefully prevent concussions.
       The material is so strong that whatever it is protecting receives no damage. For example, experts tried to hit their hand, which was covered by D30, and they didn’t even feel it. This material could prevent serious injuries. It could also save careers and allow players to not play tentatively. Production has already begun for the goo, and it is becoming well known. Companies are demanding it for protection in technology as well. Many people want it now to protect their phones. This new technology raises the question, What can’t technology achieve?

To read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2261147/D30-Unique-orange-goo-wrap-round-fingers-whack-mallet.html?scrlybrkr=c75a944d


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