Anime Tribute: Naruto Shippuden

By Ted Pamplin

The 2007 anime Naruto Shippuden has finally come to an end. After an amazing 500 episodes full of fillers, major fight scenes, and heartwarming moments, this anime has finished telling the tale of Naruto Uzumaki. If you don’t want spoilers on the 11th season stop here. I won’t spoil the 12th season, however I will describe it. So if you have not seen the 11th season (the end of the Fourth Ninja War) then please stop reading here and watch the 11th season. The 12th season is the final season of Naruto Shippuden.

The Naruto franchise has created two series and over ten movies. Naruto and Naruto Shippuden are the two series they’ve made and they are extremely long. They have also made four games for gen 3 and gen 4 consoles under the name Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm. This franchise is arguably the most popular anime series of all time. Even those who do not watch anime know or have heard of the Naruto franchise. Naruto Shippuden is about Naruto’s struggle against the Akatsuki while he tries to get his best friend Sasuke Uchiha. It also features Sasuke’s story as he seeks to avenge his clan, meanwhile repelling Naruto’s persistence.

zzzzz.jpgThe 12th season is the final wind-down after the Fourth Ninja War. The village is back to normal and Naruto Shippuden suddenly becomes a Slice of Life anime. After Naruto defeats Sasuke in his attempt at a revolution the village finally has peace. Naruto also realizes his feeling towards Hinata and they get married. The same goes for Sakura and Sasuke. Basically more events happen in the 11th and 12th season then the whole first ten seasons. But don’t worry anime fans, if you still love Naruto and don’t want it to end there is more…


Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is scheduled for this upcoming anime season. It will have twelve episodes for the first season and no one knows how many episodes it will have after that. It features the story of Naruto and Hinata’s kid as well as Sasuke and Sakura’s kid. Now a lot happens between the relationships of Naruto’s generation so get a pen and paper as I explain what happens. Naruto and Hinata marry, and so do Sakura and Hinata, Shikamaru and Temari, Tenten and Rock Lee. Neji dies and Choji marries someone that I cannot remember. Anyway, prepare for the future anime to come as Naruto is not done. I rate this in advance a 9/10 and recommend this to all anime fans. You have to watch this if you are new to anime. It’s a great place to start.



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