Springtime is Here!

By Sonali Lalwani

The first day of Spring, Monday, March 20th, 2017 is here!  Easter is around the corner and this means Maranatha will be celebrating soon with Spring Break, April 13th-21st.  It is the season of color, sunshine, and raindrops on roses.  Stepping outside on a lovely day of spring, one can listen to the hummingbirds and smell the blossoming flowers and trees around you.  After a long, cold, winter, spring is literally a “breath of fresh air.”  No need for bulky jackets or big scarves because spring is the time to pull out your happy colors and flip flops!

With spring break around the corner, many tourist and students are packing up their bags to take a trip to the beach or even travel around the globe.  According to research provided by US News, the most visited places spring time are: the Bahamas, Las Vegas, Miami, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Puerto Rico, Key West, Daytona and South Pardre Island (travel.usnews.com).   According to Maranatha students, the best place to visit is Costa Rica.  This tropical getaway is a place that was visited last Spring Break by the Maranatha Spanish department.  All of these tropical places involve spending the day at the beach, water sports, and lots of tanning by the water.  Therefore, if you’d like to dodge the rain, snow, rough weather at home, book your trip to these tropical locations and spend your spring break in the sun!1ae.jpg


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