Hollywood Sign Hike

By: Evan Chang, Marina Lacanilao, and Sydney Lim

The Hollywood sign hike is the perfect hike to try on a nice day. There are a few parking options for this hike; one lot at the bottom of the trail offers good parking space on a less-crowded day. The other option for parking is near the entrance of another trail, over by Griffith Observatory. Starting at the trail that’s not near Griffith Observatory, the hike is around 2.3 miles on the way up. This trail is pretty steep at the beginning, but flattens out toward the middle and the end. The trail is wide and there’s a nice view of LA the entire way up. Once you get nearer to the Hollywood sign, you have the option to hike to the top of the sign or the bottom. The top of the sign is a longer walk and is more uphill, but on a clear day, the view makes up for the tiresome hike. There are great photo opportunities the entire way up, and there are spots for shade if you get too hot. Overall, this hike is a good source of exercise while enjoying the area we live in and also being surrounded by nature. We would definitely recommend this hike with your friends over break or on a nice weekend. Just make sure you pack lots of water, some snacks, and sunscreen!


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