Waffles de Leige Review

by Claire Swartzlander & Alex Thornton

Alex says…

Waffles de Leige is a dessert waffle bar located at 21 E Holly Street in Old Town Pasadena. I ordered the ice cream waffle special and let me just say, it was worth the $8. The waffle bar uses Fosselman’s ice cream, and they had about 6 flavors to choose from. I chose vanilla and I wasn’t disappointed. The dessert waffle was freshly made in front of my eyes, topped with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, and  powdered sugar. The waffle melted in my mouth and was very tasty. It was not busy, but it took about 8 minutes to make. The customer service is nice, but if Old Town is crowded, parking can be a hassle. There is street parking in front of the restaurant, but if the street is crowded you’d have to park in a parking lot about a block away. But I highly recommend this little cafe! Go check out Waffles de Leige!

Claire says…

On the wall of this little cafe, “No ordinary waffle” is written in big bold letters, and boy is that true. I first tried Waffles de Leige about 6 months ago and have ordered the same thing every time since. The Nutella Classic is a freshly made waffle topped with warm Nutella, freshly sliced bananas, and sliced almonds. This is a very filling but delicious dessert that leaves you wanting more. While the customer service is great, it can also be a little slow so timing out the crowds can be a little tough. I love this place and highly recommend it if you’re craving some delicious sweets!


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