Famine in Somalia

by Briana Alexander
With sunken cheeks and desperate eyes people in Somalia, Africa are fighting for not only their lives but hope during yet another drought and possible famine that has and will kill hundreds or even millions. In 1992 Somalia was hit with a famine due to drought and ‘thugs’ blocking the food aid. Yet back then many people were more aware of the issue as the UN sent it troops to regain the food supply and support the Somalians. In 2011 Somalia faced yet another famine but in this case the people were not certain that any help would get to the people. In a nytimes article written in 2011, “The Islamist militant group the Shabab is blocking most aid agencies from accessing the areas it controls, and in the next few months three-quarters of a million people could run out of food, United Nations officials say”. The effects of that drought were never completely resolved and now Somalia faces more fear of famine and disease hitting the people and killing millions. An estimated $400 million is needed to send aid to those in Somalia and surrounding areas. As of March 23, 2017 the US was still to help and donate money to the cause. Mainly women and children are to be affected by the famine and thousands have already been affected.

Fatumata Hassan, her 3-year old child Shankaron and 15-month old Rahma were forced to walk 100 miles in search of food, water, somewhere to stay, and hope. As she states in a cnn interview, “We didn’t eat this morning, we haven’t had a proper meal in ten days. We are still waiting for food”. As humans we are taught to help out those when a major need is set forth. But I propose a different idea one that is not that new, put yourself in their position. In the same situation I would want my story to be told, help to be reciprocated, and hope to be possible. Fatumata is a representation of all of the mothers and children in Somalia who are fighting for their chance, but they cannot fight for something that is never going to come. “All we ask is for some help from the world, so we can be safe and survive,” she stated in her interview. Social media stars and celebrities have come together to get $2 million raised as well as food sent directly to the cause. You can help by donating at some of the sites below or even just spreading awareness. Everyone struggles, you may be going through something terrible in your life right now, but that does not mean that people have to continue to struggle. Help does not come easy but simple things do have the power to change.







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