Rummage Sale at Sierra Madre Congregational Church

By Andrew Webster

On Saturday, March 18th, I attended the annual rummage sale at Sierra Madre Congregational Church along with others from Maranatha’s CSF program. The event was a time for anyone to come and buy clothes, furniture, and more. All of the items that were being sold had been donated throughout the year. Anyone who walked in could buy a small paper bag and fill it to the top for five dollars or even fill a trash bag for only twenty dollars. The event lasted from eight to twelve. People of all ages came and had fun shopping with their friends and family.
        My experience began when I arrived at the church, just five minutes before the sale began. I was immediately welcomed by Mrs. Strople and the other ladies that ran the event and they showed me exactly where to go. Just a few minutes later, I was joined by three other CSF members who were as eager as I was to get started. Our job was to walk around and keep everything organized. I also helped move furniture out to people’s cars. The experience was fun as I was able to meet many new people at the event. We shared stories about our lives and it allowed me to be thankful for what I have and be grateful for the people in my life. It was so rewarding, I volunteered to stay after as long as they needed and now I can’t wait for next year’s rummage sale.

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