Drake – More Life Review

By: Leland Oliver and Ryan Lam

In his 7th album, Drake follows his winning formula of talking about relationships, family, and living ‘more life.’ In the precursor to his album, he talks about how quick life is and making the most of it in a short verse. In this album, he includes major artists such as Quavo, Young Thug, Travis Scott, 2 Chains, Kanye West, and PARTYNXTDOOR. With all these features, it is no surprise that his album is currently the best-selling album on iTunes and likely will be for months. His album currently tops the charts with 22 out of the top 50 songs and, more specifically, 22 of the top 22 edging out new releases by big names such as Rick Ross, the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack, Pitbull, and Ed Sheeran.

drake-more-life-october-firm.jpgIn this album, Drake discusses the road he’s traveled to get “More Life.” Songs like “Sacrifices” show the things he gave up and the people he lost trying to make his way up the ladder. However, songs like “Passionfruit” show his sorrow for the things he lost along the way, incorporating the usual Drake vibes in his album describing the break-ups and the distance that’s grown between him and his family. The album wouldn’t be complete though without a few hyped songs, with “Gyalchester” and “Portland” showing the hype side of drake. Overall, this album can be enjoyable to all types of people, reaching the emotions of the listener through this solid album.
Religious Background
While Drake isn’t religious and does not affiliate himself with any religion, he often references God and Jesus for giving him blessings and watching out for him in many of his songs. He also has Jewish heritage and in an interview talked about his childhood and crashing bar mitzvahs.



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