DJ Khaled Tells Us How To Never Play Yourself In His Brand New Book “The Keys”

By Lance Lorca, Aram Winter, and Jarrett Carpenter



 After another one of his studio albums “Major Key,” DJ Khaled’s latest book and autobiography “The Keys” sheds light upon how anyone can become successful and win win win no matter what. He tells about his humble beginnings as a local radio DJ living in his car and how his hustle brought him to become the world’s most renowned music producer, who rambles about his cocoa butter and jet skis on Snapchat. There is a tremendous list of keys, but the emphasis on three main keys: to stay away from “they,” count your blessings, and to be yourself. In Khaled’s words, “they” means anyone who does not believe in reaching your goals. He tells readers to stay away from them at all costs because “they” don’t want you to win. Another key is to count your blessings and to stay humble. He advises everyone to “bless up” because only the Creator provides everything for you. Finally, Khaled believes everyone should be themselves. In the whole book, he believes that being yourself is the most important key of all. He states that when one lives based off of what others are telling him or her to do, they aren’t truly living. It is only when one becomes true to oneself that life becomes amazing. 

       This autobiography is a truly entertaining read with small but plentiful chapters that describe each of his keys to success in great detail. I recommend this book to anyone who has a goal in mind and is truly determined in accomplishing it, such as entrepreneurs or even student athletes. They never said winning was easy but with this book, you can ride through the journey to more success.


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