Waverly Ear buds

By Sonali Lalwani

Do you like to travel the world and learn about different languages? Waverly Buds is the perfect thing to buy! These ear buds give people the chance to communicate without language barriers. These ear buds are connected to an app called the Pilot Speech Translator. This app and the ear buds help to translate the language as well as help one understand what the other person is saying. This new technology can translate up to five languages. While these new Waverly Ear buds may help citizens to learn and communicate with other languages, the price for this new wearable technology is up to three hundred dollars. Furthermore, while the app is not perfect in translating languages, it will hopefully be fully functional in a few years. 

  First created in 2014, Waverly Labs is an electronic company that is known for their inventions of wearable technology. CEO Andrew Ochoa and his team have been working on building this translation technology for two years. As this new company is still looking to improve their new invention, there are new features to be coming in May 2017 such as new languages including German, Hebrew, Russian, etc. Therefore, if you are interested in learning or communicating in other languages, Waverly Ear buds can help you!the-pilot-auricolare


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