By Ryan Lam

Interview with coach Ted Pamplin

Offensive and Defensive line coach, Senior

What will be essential to win against the juniors?

  • Making plays on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball.

What is the plan heading into the game?

  • Start fast, give it to them quick and early.

Who should we watch out for in the game?

  • Qaisia is pretty quick, Katy can catch pretty well, and Sophia can put a lot of pressure off the edge. 

After last year’s close loss to the class of 2016, the class of 2017 (Seniors) was out for blood. 

The senior coaches adjusted their game plan constantly throughout the night according to formations and personnel. This resulted in a strong 24-12 senior victory.

Despite allowing the juniors to have an early touchdown, the senior defense tightened up and did not allow a score until the final series of the night. The offense was dominant and explosive with most plays averaging gains of 5-7 yards, and one or two big runs (15 yards+) almost every series.

Coach’s Perspective – Ted Pamplin

In the midst of the game, the competition was heating up on both sides. The juniors scored and we retaliated back immediately with a quick 6. The seniors played their butts off on both sides of the ball, making key stops on defense and scoring multiple times on offense. We had great plays on the offensive side of the ball from many players, such as Kin, Lexi, Katy, and Brianna. We also had great pursuit of the ball from our whole team. Lexi and Kin had multiple flag pulls. Christina had a key sack before the half ended. And the D-line was getting pressure the whole game despite Drake’s lazy style of refereeing the game. Without even one player this game would not have been a win for the seniors. As the juniors showed promise, they will probably win next year.


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