Movie Review of Kong: Skull Island (Spoilers)

By Kevin Yuan

Kong: Skull Island is a memorial movie of King Kong. But compared to the old King Kong movie, it is not really a good one. Last Friday, I went to watch this movie in 3-D with my friends. The plot of this movie was really boring and made me almost fall asleep, since at the very beginning, you can guess what the plot is. A bunch of guys went to skull island and met King Kong, and helped King Kong defeat some sort of monster. Just like watching a kid’s movie. There is not much for you to think about in-depth while watching this. And the music is quite annoying, and plays everywhere: in the ship, in the helicopter, in the campus, and even while dropping bombs. 

Although its plot is ruined, the big cool scenes definitely would make you excited. You can see all kinds of giant creepy bugs, such as spiders and ants. And there’s also all kinds of slow motion scenes while King Kong destroys helicopters and people flying through the sky. Overall, Kong: Skull Island is a great movie and you should definitely watch it. 122345


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