By: Kaylee Tate and Claire Swartzlander

Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Josh Gad and more, is a story about a young prince who gets put under a curse by a enchantress for not having love in his heart. From this curse the young prince becomes a beast, and the only way he can return to being human again is if he is able to love another and earn their love in return. In a far away village in France is a beautiful young women named Belle who lives with her father. Belle is strong, intelligent, and headstrong who has a love for reading and finding books. The people in her small village view her as special but crazy because women typically weren’t supposed to read back in that time. Even with men like Gaston trying to desperately earn Belle’s affection, Belle continues to want more than her small village has to offer. When Belle’s father, on the way to sell his items, gets lost in a far away castle. Belle goes in search for him and finds that her father is locked away in a castle that he says to be “alive”. When Belle comes face to face with the master of the house she discovers he is a beast, and the only way her father can be set free is if she takes his place. Belle takes his place and the rest of the story shows Belle living in the castle with the Beast and with the living antiques in the house. Throughout the movie Belle and Beasts chemistry grows which shows that true love is not by appearance but by what is within. 111111111111111111111111.jpg

As soon as I heard Disney was making a live action Beauty and the Beast, I became so elated. Growing up Beauty and the Beast among other Disney princess movies shaped my childhood. I remember watching Beauty and the Beast and singing to every song and feeling so happy. Watching the live action film gave me the exact same feeling, each actor and actress truly brought each character to life making me believe they were actually their fictional character. This new live action Beauty and the Beast stays true to the original but also expands on things that were not as talked about in the original animated version. With the same songs we all know and love such as Belle, Be our Guest, and Something there. Make this film bring back all the nostalgia I felt as a little girl watching the animated version for the first time. Also new songs added to the plot fit in perfectly and add to a even more magical feel to the movie. I highly recommend this movie to everyone it will warm your heart and make you remember how you once felt as a little boy or girl. 

Beauty and The Beast is a classic Disney movie that I watched over and over again as a child. My dad told me that when I was younger and received Belle’s dress as a gift, I never wanted to take it off. I wore the dress everywhere we went since Belle was my hero. When I got older my sister and I watched every single Harry Potter movie and read all the books and I became obsessed with Emma Watson. When I heard that a new rendition of Beauty and the Beast was coming out, it seemed like there was no one better to play Belle than the most beautiful woman I could possibly think of. This movie had incredible graphics and went more in depth behind the story of Belle’s childhood and the story of what happened to the young prince. I was absolutely amazed with how they chose to tell this story while also keeping it close to my favorite childhood movie. 

    The movie also came with an enchanting theme to tell the children of not judging by appearances. I feel that this is a lesson much needed in our community today. We are told as young Christians not to judge a book by it’s cover, but that message is not often retold to us in our later years so I was very pleased with how this movie made this message clear to children while also restating it to adults. In John 7:24 it says, “Judge not according to appearance, but judge righteous judgement.” These are words that we as Christians need to remember to live by, even though in present day it can be easier said than done. 111111111111111111111111111111111.jpg


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