Art Interview with Evelyn Thoen

Evelyn Thoen is a senior in AP Studio Art: 2-D Design. Recently, she won first place in an art competition hosted by the Pasadena Women’s Club.

What award did you win?

Evelyn: I submitted an art piece to a competition hosted by the Pasadena Women’s Club for high school students in Pasadena. I won first place! Also, Angela Oh and Sihan Zhao won awards for this contest. I didn’t really know about the contest beforehand; Ms. Barnhart just told me to bring in an art piece to submit for some competition and I said, “Okay!” And then when I found out I actually won, I was really excited.

Can you explain the art piece you entered?

Evelyn: My art piece is inspired by a song by the band Of Monsters and Men. The song is called “Lakehouse,” which is what I named the print I made. The song is about this house by a lake, but my idea for the art piece was to have it actually in the water. A lot of the music by Of Monsters and Men is based on folktales and memories, so for this house/building, I wanted it to be a really interesting structure, and use calm, muted colors.

What medium did you use to make it?

Evelyn: The art piece was a linocut block print. Basically, I carved a block and made multiple prints in different colors. After the prints dried, I cut apart the different pieces and reassembled them to make the final image.

How does winning this award affect you?

Evelyn: My art will be put up in the main branch of the Pasadena library, which is really cool. Personally, it’s really an honor to win this award, and it inspires me to continue creating art.

What do you hope to continue with art in the future?

Evelyn: I definitely want to continue making art throughout my life. In college, I’d like to double major in Art and Communications. After that, I don’t know if I’ll specifically look for jobs in the art or design field, but that’s definitely something I would be interested in pursuing.12345art

Here is the linocut block, which is basically a stamp that I carved from a block of flexible material.




Here is the block print partially assembled. As you can see, I’m reattaching the different pieces that were printed in each color.



Here is the finished block print!


Evelyn Thoen / linocut blockprint / 2016 / 6” x 12”


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