JV Baseball: The Future of the Program

By: Andrew Webster

imagejpegDue the amount of talent on Maranatha’s varsity baseball team, the junior varsity team often is overlooked. However, they are a team full of potential and ambition. The team has many good players and a fantastic coaching staff, who feel they have nothing lose. There are many fresh faces such as Ian Cho, Zachary Hall, and Alex Goodman. They also have future playoff call-ups, Solomon Kim and Cameron Slessor, to lead the team to victory. The coaching staff is built on years of experience, but first-year manager, Mark Jebbia, is no stranger to the game. He sees the season as not just being a season of building, but a season of winning.

I asked head coach Mark Jebbia at Tuesday’s practice about the team’s 3-0 start and what was working. He responded by saying, “Everyone’s doing their part and everyone’s contributing. Also everyone’s doing their role. We are also playing great defense. Cameron is holding his own and Brock has been swinging a hot bat. JV baseball’s most important key to winning is defense and I feel that is our biggest strength.”


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