This Is Us Review

By: Kaylee Tate

            This Is Us, created by Dan Fogelman, is a comedy TV drama that begins with the life of a married couple, Rebecca and Jack, who are pregnant with triplets. When the day arrives for Rebecca to have her children, because her pregnancy is of high risk, she loses one of the triplets. While Jack is looking at his newborn twins a firefighter tells him that an African-American baby boy was left at the fire station with no one to claim him. In that moment, Jack and Rebecca refuse to leave the hospital without three babies and instead adopt the baby boy left at the fire station and later on name him Randall. They name their other babies Kate and Kevin and while the show progresses it shows the intertwining lives of now-grown adults Kate, Kevin, and Randall. This show also spends a lot of the time in the past, showing you the struggles that Kate, Kevin, and Randal had to face. Kate had to deal with weight issues while Kevin struggled for the attention of his parents. Randall had to deal with growing up in a predominantly white neighborhood while being black. This Is Us shows what their family has to deal with in the past and how it affects them now in the present.
            When I first heard about This Is Us I was unsure what I’d think of it, but after I watched the first episode I was absolutely hooked. The story lines in each episode will have you at the edge of your seat wanting more while at the same time giving you a good laugh. As I watched I fell in love with each and every character. Also, as I learned new information on each character I felt myself sympathizing and feeling with them. This Is Us also beautifully displays the love of family and the importance of being loving to our close friends and family. God asks us to do the same: to love and cherish those we hold dear to us. I highly recommend this show to everyone; it will not only warm your heart but it will give you something highly entertaining to watch.

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