Maranatha Cooking Club

By: Sonali Lalwani

Maranatha’s Cooking Club was first started last year by graduating seniors Sarah Rutzen  (’16) and Jazlyn Raymond (’16). Chef Will, the Club Advisor, has helped the Cooking Club learn how to make new foods as well as organize field trips. This year’s presidents, Sonali Lalwani (’17) and Briana Alexander (’17), had the privilege of carrying on this club while Chef Will gave Maranatha students the chance to learn how to cook and learn about the different ingredients that are used in cooking. Every Thursday, Cooking Club  divides its members into two groups, lowerclassmen and upperclassmen, and meets at the Student IMG_8170Center kitchen. Chef Will taught the group how to cook many dishes such as pasta, pizza, and even how to bake cookies! Last Thursday, the entire Cooking Club went on a field trip to the Pasadena Farmer’s Market where students observed, learned about, and even tastedthe many foods that were offered!

After two years of Cooking Club, Chef Will is moving on from Maranatha and will no longer be able to be the club advisor. Chef Will has been offered a position to become one of the executive chefs at Universal Studios! Looking back, Chef Will has fully served the Maranatha community throughout his time here as the volleyball coach, being the club advisor for Cooking Club, and his main role as head chef of the kitchen. Before leaving Maranatha his last words were, “I would like to thank every single student from the MHS Community. My team and I really enjoyed making your meals. I know that the Kitchen team will still be making awesome food. So whenever you have a chance please say thank you to the team that still makes your food at MHS. To my Cooking Club, it was an honor being able to work with you young chefs. You are a blessing and I’m really happy that you guys want to open up you creativity towards culinary. I wish everyone the best as you young chefs take an adventure on your endeavors. God bless and ‘Chef Out.'”

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