By: Kevin Yuan

Life is the biggest miracle in this universe. For thousands of years, humans have wondered if there is any life outside our planet. Since now, there has been no strong and obvious evidence discovered for the existence of aliens. However, we are walking step by step closer on the search for life outside the earth. NASA launched Kepler Spacecraft on May 2009, in order to search for a second earth in space. According to, through years of traveling, Kepler was used to discover nine planets that possibly could hold alien life. Since these nine planets are too far from earth for human to travel to them, proving the existence of aliens on these planets is still skeptical.

Suppose people in the future have the ability to reach a second earth. What will you decide to do? What if we find life on other planets? In most novels and movies, aliens are described as cruel and creepy looking creatures that are going to either destroy the whole earth or enslave the entirety of humanity. Such ideas have been implanted in our mind for decades. What if we discovered that aliens in other planets have much less technology than us; will we act in the same role of the aliens shown in our movies? Will we still hold to our beliefs on God? Have we gone too far on the path of searching for life outside of earth?


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