John Mayer ‘Wave Two’ Review

By: Ryan Lam

         John Mayer released four songs on his new EP, “The Search for Everything – Wave Two,” and throughout the upcoming months he will be a releasing four new songs until his entire tenth studio album is out.

        This new album gives us John Mayer dipping into different styles of music with little bits of funk, folk and the blues. “Wave Two” reveals details about Mayer regarding his relationships such as not seeing eye to eye and allowing his mind to linger in his past relationships. 

        The new EP centers around the idea of letting go of the memories from a failed relationship so that he can move on with his life. He allows himself to think about his previous relationships which prevent him from moving on in life.

         Just like “Wave One,” “Wave Two” is personal and intimate about his relationships. However, Mayer deviates from the slower tracks to imbue funk, folk, and blues into his music. While this album speaks about the things Mayer was unable to do in his relationships, he is still able to release good music.

Here is a link to the latest EP:


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