Varsity Girls Soccer vs. Cathedral City

By: Ryan Lam

In their first round CIF playoff game, the Maranatha girls soccer played garden grove 1-0 in regulation. 

In the second round CIF game, the Maranatha girls soccer team played and beat Cathedral City in penalty kicks.

Throughout the game, the girls showed signs of the dominance as they pushed the ball up and down the field, however Cathedral City struck first and gained a 1-0 lead early on in the game. Undeterred, the girls pushed on and responded with a goal from the right hash on the 5 yard line right into the goal to even the score 1-1 at half.

img_1511-jpgIn the second half, the girls once again dominated for large portions of the half, but Cathedral city scored first again and gained a 2-1 lead. However, Katy Coats, not to be outdone, responded with a score off of a free kick to tie the game up at 2-2. The crowd was energized and cheered with energy and enthusiasm, until Cathedral City appeared to score and gain a 3-2 lead off a free kick which was called back due to an offside penalty.

Final score in regulation 2-2 

Throughout OT, both teams had opportunities to close the game before penalty kicks with multiple shots taken within 5 yards of each others goals. Maranatha’s defense came through in the clutch blocking 3 shots before the ball was launched back to midfield.

In Penalty kicks, Maranatha girls came through and made 8 pk’s to Cathedral City’s 6. With much controversy on the sideline, the refs made the Maranatha Minutemen shoot an extra pk to seal the win. Enraged, the parents were yelling on the sideline calling for the game to be over, however they were satisfied as the final shot sealed a Maranatha Victory.

Win in pk’s final score 2-2 in regulation

Maranatha girls moved on to play Crean Lutheran in the third round of CIF and lost 2-1 in regulation. 


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