Ocean Water Purification

By:Andrew Webster and Kevin Yuan
Today Americans are looking for any source of water and one solution is getting water from the ocean. It is miles long and full of water, just waiting to be purified and drunken. According to freedrinkingwater.com on the salt water, “after all, it’s full of salt that typically dehydrates the human body”. An answer to solving that issue is the process of desalination. They also said, “desalination is the process that removes dissolved minerals from from saltwater, brackish water, or treated wastewater”.
According to www.wikipedia.com, “97% of water on the earth is saline water in ocean. Only 3% of water is freshwater which can be used in our daily life. As population in the modern world increase exponentially, freshwater supply will become a big problem. In Los Angeles, our drinking water supply is from a lake and river near us, Which is very expensive to transport. The water price in L.A. is always higher than most of big cities in America. According to water news in Maven’s Notebook, Southern California population’s water supply is mainly from Colorado River. Los Angeles also has strict restriction on water usages. The improvement of water system in Southern California is necessary”.
Freshwater supply is needed. Desalination could be a perfect solution. Cities near ocean, such as Los Angeles, can get the desalinated water right from the ocean. Although desalination water costs even more today, it is still reliable and has been for a while. In a world where technology grows quickly, the cost of desalination can be lowering down. In the modern world, the most traditional way to desalination water is to vaporization. According to www.wikipedia.com, “By controlling the temperature, freshwater can be separated as vapor from saline water. And then, turned the separated freshwater from vapor to liquid by cooling down the temperature”.


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