Loving Review

By: Kaylee Tate

Loving starring Ruth Negga and Joel Edgerton is based on a true story about the interracial couple Milred Loving and Richard Loving that fell in love and got married in Virginia in 1958. Milred was a African-American woman while her husband Richard was a white man. Since it was illegal for interracial marriage in Virginia at the time, Richard and Milred traveled to Washington DC to be married. When they returned home; however,  they were appointed with a rude awakening. Even though they wedded in the north, in their small town of Central Point, Virginia  it was still illegal for them to be married. Determined not to let the law dictate who they choose to love, Richard and Milred fought for their innate human rights and took their case to the Supreme Court. In 1967 Loving v. Vigina was invalidated and it prohibited laws against interracial marriage. Loving focuses on the on going struggles that Richard and Milred have to face while being a interracial couple in the south. Throughout the movie you are able to see their marriage progress as well as the couple having kids and starting a life together despite the turmoil around them. Loving is a movie that everyone can appreciate, watching this film I felt so deeply whenever Richard and Milred were constantly faced with hardships. I highly recommend this movie to everyone it not only can show you that true love can face anything but the actors in this film truly bring each character to life. 

The film Loving can teach us that if we love one another no matter how different we will go far in life. God asks us to love and respect everyone and to treat people they way we would want to. Richard and Milred had every right to be angry and lash out at the people who said evil things to them, but they didn’t they chose to focus on loving one another despite the fact that they were clearly of different backgrounds. If we today can put aside our differences and love one another we will not only get farther in life but we will please our Heavenly Father.

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