Los Angeles: The World’s Most Traffic-Clogged City

By: Sonali Lalwani

It’s no surprise that Los Angeles traffic may be frustrating for many people on the road. However, it is a surprise that it is the WORLDS most traffic clogged city! Along with another 1,064 cities, Los Angeles came to having the worst traffic. Research shows that drivers spent at least 104 hours each during travels periods last year. Moscow made second most congested with 91 hours and New York made it third with 89. Other reasons that cause this traffic are the “urbanization to big cities, employment growth and low gas prices.” This brings in the question of what can we do to improve the most traffic congested city in the world?


One way that we can stop this congestion on the roads is to improve transportation. Providing citizens with effective metros and trolleys to reduce the amount of cars on the roads. Another way to provide a safe and less crowded environment on the freeways is to build double decker freeways. This will not only help to create a less overfilled freeway but help people to get to their destinations safely. Another safe option is to create a citywide Uber service that anyone can access at any time. Therefore, it is our duty as citizens to help create a better environment and fight for our safety!

Article: http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-traffic-los-angeles-20170220-story.html


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