Stress Relief Remedies for High School Students

by Claire Swartzlander and Isabella Doumitt
As a high school student stress is a constant problem that causes a lack of sleep and happiness. This week we tried various ways to relieve stress and relax our minds and souls. Going for long drives, runs, taking baths, and drinking tea are just a few ways to relieve some stress.

When I’m stressed I get in my car and just drive. I blast music and drive until I know I should turn back. For me this helps relieve stress because I can sit in my car for hours and listen to music that calms me down and helps clear my head. It’s also the best time to just think. screen-shot-2017-02-20-at-12-35-43-pmI’ll drive up to a view and just think through all the issues causing my stress and it helps almost instantly to just clear my mind.
Personally, to relieve stress, I go on runs to help myself out. During second semester, that’s when all the stress hits me and luckily track season begins. Running may sound like something that can cause more stress, but the feeling after a long run is what soothes me. It’s one of those things that can easily get the stressful thoughts off your mind as you enjoy the scenery around. Another thing I like to do, is eat! It honestly helps and makes you feel good (just make sure the food is yummy and good for you every once in awhile).

One way many people like to destress is by drinking tea. I first came across my favorite tea, made from the Kava Kava root, when researching natural remedies for anxiety. The Kava Kava root is found on South Pacific islands and is often used in place of  anti an
xiety drugs. The root has a calming effect on brain waves that reduces anxiety, restlessness, sleeplessness, and stress-related symptoms. Kava can be bought in powder forscreen-shot-2017-02-20-at-12-35-33-pmm, capsules, chocolate bars, but is most accessible as a tea. The brand “Yogi Tea” sells it as “Kava Stress Relief” tea that can be purchased at target. The pack comes with 16 tea bags and is priced around $4. After drinking a cup of Kava Tea my anxiety and stress noticeably reduces. I feel much more calm and am able to participate in conversations with less hesitation. The only downside is that the tea occasionally can cause me to become drowsy which is negative when consumed during school. Overall, I highly recommend Kava Tea to those who struggle with anxiety, sleeping problems, or just need some time to relax.


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