Music Review: John Mayer – ‘The Search for Everything – Wave One – EP’

by Ryan Lam

music-reviewJohn Mayer released four songs on his new EP, The Search for Everything – Wave One,  and throughout the upcoming months he will be a releasing four new songs until his entire tenth studio album is out. In this EP, Mayer opens up about his life and is vulnerable with his audience.

In ‘Moving on and getting over’, we see that he’s holding on to the hope of a second chance while also realizing that he needs to move on with life. ‘Changing’ talks about how life never stays the same and how the people we meet come and go as everyone’s lives changes and evolves. ‘Love on the weekend’ speaks on the different stages of his relationships, while ’You’re gonna live forever in me’ talks about how the people that he’s been in a relationship with have impacted and changed different aspects of his life throughout their time together. 

As Mayer talks about failing love and the impact that his relationships have had, one parallel that is apparent is Gods love. We see that unlike the temporary love of people that we place such a high value on, God’s love never fails. God places people in our lives to leave an impact and change the way we view the world and it’s wonders, and even though people come and go, He remains constant.

Check it out!



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