Michigan Water Crisis

By: Sonali Lalwani and Kaylee Tate

For the past two years there has been a major water crisis in Flint, Michigan. Because of the state’s financial predicament and search to cut cost, city officials decided to change the water supply. Since the state has decided to switch the water supply from receiving their water from Lake Huron in Detroit to now getting it from the Flint River, the water has caused a lot of controversy for the way it looks, tastes, and the toxins it may have. Recently it has been reported that the water has been turning brown due to the amount of lead it contains. Many thought that the river is dirty but researchers have now proven that it is 19 times more corrosive than Lake Huron. Furthermore, half of the pipe system is made of iron which has caused the water to turn brown while the other half of the pipes are made of lead which leaks into the water. Some Flint residents have been sharing their stories as well as how the water has negatively affected their health.

According to Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, lead is an extremely harmful substance when consumed. She has noticed parents complaining about symptom such as hair loss and rashes in children. Dr. Mona describes lead as a neuro toxin, which has eve more harmful effects such as drop in IQ, and has been linked with criminality. She had noticed the lead levels that doubled and tripled amongst children due to the change in Flint’s water source. A mother named Rhonda Keslo who lives in Flint talks about her fear she has when her daughter consumes the water. This lead poising water has caused many health issues that may affect generations to come.flint2

The water crisis in Flint Michigan although it may seem far from us in Pasadena, there are still ways in which we can reach out and help our brothers and sisters in Christ. One of the ways is by sending personal hygiene products, water, or shoes or letters of encouragement just to say that we stand by those who were affected and that we are thinking of them always. God asks us to help those who are struggling, and to share his love with the world. Galatians 6:2 says, “Carry each others burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.”


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