Moana Movie Review

By: Sierra Bancroft

Disney’s Moana, which was released on November 23rd, follows the story of a young Polynesian princess, Moana, on her journey to make things right in her village as well as figure out who she is and what her purpose is alongside the demigod Maui. Their journey is full of epic escapes from outlandish creatures, wonderful and catchy songs, as well as heartwarming team work. Its two main character, Moana and Maui, are voiced by Dwayne Johnson and Hawaiian native Auli’i Cravalho. These twos voices exceptionally voiced their characters as well as gave them singing voices that were above the top. All music and lyrics were created by Hamilton creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda as well as the few cameos he made in certain songs. Everything from the animation to the soundtrack was out done and worth seeing.

aaaaamon2 The story line of the family flick follows Moana who goes on a journey to find the heart of the goddess of Te Fiti, which was stolen by the demigod Maui. This heart is the cause of all creation and is sought after by many, but when Maui steals it, all land begins to die. Learning from her grandmother that what she must do is find Maui and return him and the heart to Te Fiti, she hits the sea on this journey across the Pacific. While on this journey she learns that the water is her side-kick which helps her to accomplish what she needs throughout her mission. When she finds Maui she convinces him to begrudgingly come with her to return the heart as well as teach her to navigate the sea. They encounter many terrible creatures whilst crossing the sea but they always persevere and conquers each trial.

This film collected almost $57 million on opening weekend and has grossed almost $162 million as of December 16th. The overwhelming success of this movie is by far due to its exceptional animation and outstanding voices and musical numbers. While this movie is easy to watch, its themes of love and perseverance transcend the screen. If you haven’t watched this film yet, I encourage you to go see it with your family!



One thought

  1. In my free time, I always watch movies. I think its a perfect time to relax and enjoy the day. Never had the chance to watch this. I will add it to my movie to watch checklist. Thanks for letting us know!


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