Justin Timberlake’s Advice to High Schoolers

By: Sierra Bancroft

On Saturday, January 7th, my family and I got the opportunity to attend a screening of Dreamworks newest animated film, Trolls, and then attend a lunch reception at Craft restaurant in LA. At the lunch all the attendees got the chance to meet and talk with the one and only, Justin Timberlake. He played one of the main troll characters, Branch, as well as was the Executive Producer of Music. When learning that I would go with my family to this event, I was excited but I had no idea what to expect.aaaag

First off, we went to the Fox lot (which is incredibly cool) and passed by sound stages and buildings for animation while on our way to the theater we were going to screen the movie in. When walking into the theater area we received cool and high-tech 3D glasses that you had to turn on to activate. We went in and sat in super comfy chairs and watched the movie! The movie follows the journey of Princess Poppy (voiced by Anna Kendrick) to save her friends and village as well as share her happiness. She is accompanied on this journey by the grumpy troll Branch, who is voiced by Justin Timberlake, and follows his helping hand in Poppy’s journey as well as the discovery of his personal happiness. This movie is the perfect balance between a great story line and a verity of amazing music performances. This family film is great for young children, teenagers, and adults; highly recommended. After watching the movie, we were all on the edge of our seats to get to the restaurant to eat and meet Justin!!!

Driving up to the restaurant we realized we were in for a treat because of the modern style of the building as well as the complimentary valet parking! Coming into the restaurant we were checked in and seated at our own table. There was salad and bread waiting as well as endless drinks for all of us. After we were done with the first course, we were waiting expecting Justin to walk in at any moment. We continued to wait as our main course was served to us. This consisted of chicken, short ribs, carrots, and potato purée; basically the most amazing food I have ever tasted.

aaaajOnce we were most of the way through our meal my mom and I looked to our right and realized Justin had arrived and began talking with the different table! He made rounds to the tables along with the director and President of DreamWorks. Some of us got to meet him and take a picture with him, but he was making his way to chairs for some questions. He answered some questions from the moderator about the film and his involvement in it. Then, they opened questions to the audience; and I found my opportunity to shine. A little girl first asked if he would do his voice from the movie (which was just his normal voice) and then I raised my hand for the next question. I wasn’t expecting to be called on then I heard the moderator say “and we have a question over here” and then see a microphone appear from a man on the side of the room. I then realized that Justin was looking directly at me waiting for me to ask my question! I stood and told him my name and that I was a Senior in high school and asked what advice he had for high school seniors and high schoolers in general; here’s what he said!


“You wake up every morning, and you’ll find this out one day when you have your own family, if I could give you maybe a little advice to get ahead of the curve; I used to go to bed every night and say,”What did I accomplish today?” And it served me well for a period of time but it’s not everything and I think that after having a son the difference that is I go to bed saying, “What did I learn today?” And I think that if you can STAY CURIOUS there’s always something to be learned from every experience; some are good, some are bad, we all have to deal with everything. The stakes are only going to get higher for you, they’re only going to get higher, whe
ther you go to college or you decide to start your own business and they only get higher and higher and higher. So, if you can keep that curiosity about everything; THERE’S BEAUTY IN EVERYTHING. There’s beauty in death, there’s beauty in birth, there’s beauty in sorrow or grief. There’s beauty at the bottom of a pizza box, you know what I’m sayin? Sometimes you just need some pizza.”


           This experience that I had was definitely one for the books! I find that his advice is completely on point and relatable to all of the high school students, shoutout to the seniors, as well as the adults. The main advice of staying curious and the fact that there is beauty in everything struck a chord with me. After thinking of these things, I related it to my faith; we must stay curious with our faith and continue to desire to learn more about Christ; as well the fact that beauty (God) in everything around us and within us. I would encourage and challenge you to make this a goal for his new year of 2017. I appreciated the chance to go and experience the movie, food, and people.



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