Change In the Weather

By: Connor Knauss

Although California has been facing a historic drought over the past 5 years, with historic rains and winter weather, it looks as though the drought may be ending.
On average, the city of Los Angeles gets 3.1 inches of rain per year. Over the weekend of January 20 alone, Los Angeles went over the annual average, with 4.3 inches of rain falling in one week alone. Local mountains have also seen a significant increase in snowfall, with Big Bear seeing 2 feet over the weekend of January 20, and more than six feet overall this season.
While Southern California has seen record numbers of rainfall this season, this does relatively little to quench California’s historic drought. Snowfall in the Sierra Nevada mountains in central and Northern California creates snowpack and runoff which is a major source of drinking water for large Southern California cities like Los Angeles.
This year alone, more than 40 feet of snow have fallen in parts of the Sierras, relieving drought stricken Southern California, and providing lots of fresh powder for skiers and snowboarders.


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