NHS Tutoring

by Evelyn Thoen

Have you ever needed a tutor for a subject or a class but almost fainted when you looked up tutoring costs? Well, you’re in luck. Maranatha students who are members of the National Honors Society, better known as NHS, are offering free tutoring for most subjects. If you have a specific class or area where you need help, email Mrs. Fowler (d_fowler@mhs-hs.org) and she canscreen-shot-2017-01-29-at-1-14-36-pm find you a specific tutor. If you have more general concerns in a subject, drop-in tutoring is now available every Monday and Wednesday in the student center, room SC4. Anytime from 3:15 to 4:15, stop by for an hour of tutoring for whatever subject you need. While you may feel fairly positive in your classes at the
beginning of the year, it’s much bette
to get tutoring help earlier than when it’s the week before finals.
Alternatively, a reminder for members of NHS: you can earn service hours and help out your classmates by being available as a drop-in tutor. Let Mrs. Fowler know if you have a specific subject you can be a tutor for.


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