The Annual Gingerbread Building Contest

by Evelyn Thoen

This past Wednesday, December 5, over 85 students participated in the annual Gingerbread Building Contest. Each year, Art Club hosts this contest, where around 20 groups of four students combine their skills to create something out of graham crackers, frosting, and lots of candy. Ms. Barnhart creates a theme for the gingerbread creations, revealed only during the competition. 15418575_1465532066798131_486527430432447429_o

This year, the theme was “elf-bots.” A paper at each group’s table explained that Santa had created robot elves to help make gifts for all the children. Each group’s task was to create an “elf-bot” out of the various edible materials. The teams attacked this concept in unique ways, with most teams making various robots out of graham crackers and frosting that were decorated with lots of candy in Christmas colors. 15385530_1465532256798112_1329747744810264678_o

On Thursday, the winners of the contest were announced to be Team 10 (Gabriel España, Dylan Gomez, Annika Kirman, and Evelyn Thoen), who created an elf robot with a toy train on a track. The second place award goes to Team 11 (Caleb Cheung, Micah Huong, Ethan Kita, and Nate Nguyen). Their creation was a robot resembling the movie character WALL-E. Team 9 (Aria Haver-Hill, Raven Ingram, Rachel Kwan, and Kristen Sung) won third place with their creation of a standing robot covered in frosting and sprinkles.  An Honorable Mention also goes to Team 17 (Natalie Boyadjian, Elita Minas, Julianna O’Malley, Hailey Sole, and Henry Witherspoon) and Team 20 (Jae Yeon Hong, Kelly Huang, Celine Tang, and Ashley Vu).

15385509_1465532936798044_4685440376073567486_oThis was a high-energy, fun event and Art Club is grateful for everyone who participated! Look out for the Gingerbread Building Contest next year, and for upcoming Art Club meetings and events!


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