Softwheel: The New Invention

by Sonali Lalwani
img_0383 Softwheel is an Israeli startup company that has a mission to reinvent the wheel. It has successfully invented the first “Softwheel,” which is a wheel that has built in shock absorption. This wheel is also built for rigid and rocky terrains while providing safe rides. All of the power comes with the three arm suspensions in the wheel. These suspensions absorb shocks or vibrations when encountering obstacles, stairs, or bumpy roads. While absorbing the shock, the three arms press inwimg_0384ards making it so that the bicycle, wheelchair, or car doesn’t jolt. Softwheel has created three types of wheels with the same technology for wheelchairs, bicycles, and cars. “The Acrobat” is known as one of the wheels that are specifically made for wheelchairs. They carry different types such as the Acrobat C, Acrobat M, and Acrobat R, and Acrobat A. For the bicycle, Softwheel carries three types of wheels called Fluent HD, Fluent B, and Fluent E. These wheels are also made to ride smoothly over any obstacle and even stairs! Lastly, the company is also in the process of designing a new wheel for automobiles called the “Enduro.”
The Softwheel concept was initiated in 2008 when farmer and engineer, Gilad Wolf, broke his pelvis and was confined to a wheelchair. While determined to farm again, he experimented and sought to create a wheelchair that could allow him to work despite his injury. Collaborating with the Rad-BioMed Technology Accelerator he created a sketch and invented the first Softwheel invention.  Today the company has evolved in Israel and across the world!

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