Maranatha’s “Evening of Christmas” Review

by Marina Lacanilao, Ryan Lam, & Leland Oliver


On Friday, December 9 and Saturday, December 10, Maranatha High School presented the Christmas Performing Arts Showcase. With rehearsals lasting until 9 pm every night of tech week (the week leading up to the performance), we knew we were in for an exciting show. At this performance, we saw some of Maranatha’s best singers, dancers, and musicians perform to bring the Christmas Spirit to the audience.

The theme this year was “Unchanging Heart.” The overall message of the show was to present different representations of Christmas throughout the ages and in different parts of the world. While the acts weren’t in chronological order, the effect was the same: all people on earth, no matter their ra
ce or language, no matter the time period, celebrate the birth of God’s son, and the grace and mercy that God bestowed upon the earth with the gift of his son. The impact of the songs and dances could be seen immediately during and after the show, which helped solidify the message of Christ’s birimg_1413th for the people that attended.

One of the highlights of the performance was the dance and songs based off the movie “Frozen,” performed before the intermission. The dances performed by junior Claire White (Anna), sophomores Jensen Fairchild (Elsa), and Daylen McWhorter (Hans and Kristoff), and senior Bailee Gonsal (Olaf) were amazing. The children and adults sat up in their seats as the opening song began and paid full attention to every song and dance. The Orchestra and the Mixed Ensemble played and sang each song beautifully and captivated the audience throughout the entire duration of the performance.
An interesting inclusion was historical background to many of the traditional Christmas songs, narrated by senior Hannah Silk. This provided the audience with interesting facts about the music that helped take them through time on a journey filled with beautiful voices. Another amazing part of the show was watching the dances from different cultures that helped emphasize the message of God’s love being universal. Overall, this showcase was fantastic. It was beautiful to see our friends use their talents that God has given them to portray His love during this Christmas season. If you did not get the chance to watch this season’s showcase, we highly recommend you attend the next one!img_1405

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